#38 We love Auberge Petit Paradis

petit-paradisAuberge Petit Paradis has been at the heart of Les Roches’ social life since the school began.
You can see the hotel and restaurant from the main campus building.
Its terraces are packed in the summer with students. In winter, the log fire inside is the big draw.

Françoise CrettolRemember Françoise Crettol? She ran Auberge Petit Paradis up to 2010, acting as host, confidante, and ‘bancomat’ (in the days before electronic transfer).

“We were very close to Les Roches. I used to go there and say, ‘help! I need to make fondue for 20 people, please can I have a kg of bread!’

Another time, a new student came and sat down at lunch time. Auberge Petit Paradis was on the school map – so he just assumed it was a school dining room. He was very surprised to be given a menu and asked what he wanted. ”

In a way, Les Roches students and alumni are also her huge international family.
Not long ago, she was in Singapore, and what should she hear in the hotel, but ‘Madame Pipi!’ as a former student rushed up to greet her.