20th November 2014

The Global Summit on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Employability took place on Thursday 20th November, bringing together leading hospitality experts from all corners of the world.

INNOVATION: Breaking boundaries, building new solutions

Breaking established models of the hospitality industry through innovation and shaping a new world

  • New consumers’ expectations and new trends
  • Major innovations in the industry driving success
  • How innovation creates strong added value, for consumers, brands and employees
  • Impact of a fast changing and mobile world on innovation
  • How can education best prepare the innovation leaders of tomorrow


  • Omer Kaddouri, President & CEO, Rotana
  • Brian Payea, Head of Industry Relations, TripAdvisor
  • Nicolas Mayer, Partner & Industry Leader, PwC
  • Roger Allen, CEO, Resources for Leisure Assets

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: redefining the business space

Entrepreneurs redefining new frontiers of the hospitality and luxury service industries

  • What makes successful entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship – a state of mind
  • How to balance professional and private life at the C-suite level
  • Women leaders and entrepreneurship
  • How can education help build the entrepreneurs of the future


  • Susan Harmsworth, CEO, ESPA
  • Mei Zhang, Founder, Wild China
  • Rafael Micha, Chief Marketing Officer, GRUPO Habita
  • Sebastien Tondeur, CEO, MCI

EMPLOYABILITY: creating global opportunities

Creating exciting global employment opportunities in the hospitality and luxury service industries

  • Market context challenges and opportunities
  • The shifting trends of employability
  • What makes an ideal candidate
  • Opening new horizons for employment
  • How to build the university of the future and disrupt the traditional education model


  • Dirk-Jan Rijks, VP Global HR, Accor
  • Michel Gehrig, VP Talent Development, Kempinski
  • Paula R. Singer, CEO, Laureate Global Products and Services

Keynote speakers

Guillermo Leal Llano, Academic Director of ART Technologies Americas and Apple Distinguished Educator Class 2012

Closing Remarks - Beyond the Confined Space